John grew up on the beautiful Front Range of Colorado. The ever-present natural world of John’s youth served as the source of fun and wonder that continues to inspire him today. Encouraged by his mother, he began drawing at an early age and quickly progressed to oil painting by the age of 14. John graduated in 2008 from Gonzaga University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. There he was formally trained in a realist tradition of fine art that was comprised of design, drawing, painting, ceramics and art history. Upon graduating from Gonzaga, John established himself as a portrait and figurative artist in eastern Washington and northern Idaho until he and his wife Sarah moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2011. The vast diversity of the southwest topography motivated John to focus on landscape painting, and more specifically, plein-air landscape painting.

The profound mystery of the human condition within the context
of the sensory natural world is the foundation of all m
y art. Therefore painting in
plein-air is not only an attempt to capture the light, but an opportunity
to reflect on one’s place in the natural world.”

John’s goals are to stay true to himself, to develop the highest degree of craftsmanship and originality, to show on an international level, and to teach others. John believes it is important to give back, and share his passion and knowledge for art and nature with others.

Everyone has an artistic side to them. It’s a deep expression
of who you are. Everyone should have that outlet.”